A crown is a fixed dental prosthesis that restores the shape, appearance and function of a tooth. It may be necessary after root canal treatment or if the tooth has a very large filling (restoration). It protects the tooth against other damage (fractures, cavities, etc.). It is also used for aesthetics.


Treatment steps:

• The dentist cuts the tooth to create space for crown placement;
• He takes the impression and sends it to the laboratory;
• He makes a temporary;
• At the second appointment, the dentist cements the crown after removing the temporary.

A bridge

A fixed bridge is a fixed dental prosthesis that replaces one or more missing teeth. It consists of one or more pontics (artificial teeth) that reach 2 or more crowns on the natural teeth supporting the prosthesis. It can also be maintained by dental implants. It is fixed in place and can not be removed.


Treatment steps:

First visit :

• The treatment takes place on two healthy teeth or having had a treatment canal including a toothless space (missing teeth). However, it is strongly advised to replace the missing teeth with dental implants if the bone allows and to keep the teeth healthy.
• If there are no healthy teeth, the bridge can be put on dental implants.
• The dentist then cuts the teeth to prepare for a bridge.
• He takes the imprint that will serve as a model for the laboratory to make a custom and precise porcelain bridge.
• It will make you a temporary to protect the teeth, the space, the gum and keep the measurements.

Second visit:

• The dentist removes the temporary bridge and cements or screws the permanent time and adjusts it to the standard of the art.

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